GOURBAL Benjamin


Maître de Conférences UPVD
Habilitation à diriger des recherches (HDR : 16/10/2012)
Researcher ID B-3743-2010

Labo Ecologie et Evolution des Interactions (2EI)
UMR 5244 CNRS-Univ. Perpignan Via Domitia
52 Avenue Paul Alduy
66860 Perpignan Cedex, France
Email benjamin.gourbal@univ-perp.fr


Recherche / Domaine d’expertise

 As a comparative immunologist with interests in the evolution of immunity, my works focus on gaining a deeper understanding of innate immune systems and their modulation. In my group, research exploits one model: the snail Biomphalaria glabrata and its trematode parasite Schistosoma mansoni, in which we investigate the mechanisms that determine the compatibility polymorphism in this host-parasite system. I paid a particular attention to the specificity, regulation of innate immune response and I investigate the molecular mechanisms of immune priming or innate immune memory in B. glabrata snails.
 To solve our objectives we have developed in the group different comparative molecular approaches at different levels: genomic (NGS DNA sequencing), transcriptomic (RNASeq, Quantitative RT-PCR, and Suppression Subtractive Hybridization) and proteomic (extraction, protein enrichment, bi-dimensional electrophoresis (2D gel, 2D-DIGE), proteome bio-informatic analysis and tandem mass spectrometry).
We have also developed functional approaches: Recombinant protein productions, RNA interference (dsRNA, SiRNA), in-vitro culture (Bge Cell: Biomphalaria glabrata embryonic cell line).



 Licence Biology Ecology 2nd year: general ecology.
Licence Biology Ecology 3rd year: ecology of populations, animal physiology.
Master Biology 4th and 5th year: parasitology, behavioral manipulation, proteomics.



ANR JCJC 2014/2018 (coordinator).
« INVIMORY», INVertebrate IMmune memORY: specificity and mechanisms of immune priming in the Lophotrochozoan snail Biomphalaria glabrata.

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